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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ag advocacy

Now that harvest is over and things are calming down a little bit, it is time to take some time and make some effort to contact your legislators.  Lots of them will be home for the holidays and having office hours in their local offices.  In person contacts can be very effective.  Make sure you know your stand if you have an issue to discuss.  Make sure you are discussing the right issue with the right guy.  It does not do much good to discuss federal issues with state legislators.  It does almost no good to discuss statewide issues with federal legislators unless there is a federal angle too.  Addresses and phone numbers are easy to find.  Remember that the politicians listen most to those who take the time to voice an opinion.  Talking to staffers is just as good as talking to the legislator.  Remember that staffer is the trusted "expert" to the legislator.

This is also a good time to concentrate on your social media activities.  Tell your story to the public.  Volunteer for ag in the classroom.  Show a newspaper reporter your innovative idea.  Make sure that people know that their food does not come from the grocery store.

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crystal.cattle said...

Good post. I never thought about this being a prime time to contact your politicans. It is also a great time to give thanks to farmers!