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Monday, November 29, 2010

Last Day of Sampling

We worked in the Kane and Berdan area today.  The soil was very moist and in some places downright wet.  Low parts of the field had standing water in them.  One of the fields had plenty of ruts from harvesting wet ground.  The crib below was near the property at Kane.  We left the office in the rain and we rode home in the rain.  In between we had only a few sprinkles, but this is the kind of day it is really nice to be able to check the radar on the Blackberry while I am in the field.  Wind was also very blustery. 

Looking to the winter, my blog will shift gears a little bit.  I will not be travelling as much.  I have a plan to make a circuit around Montgomery County once a week if I do not get out anywhere else to report on anything interesting and maybe take a photo from time to time.  Saturday and Sunday will probably be photo days.  Weekdays I will report on meetings I attend, pass along useful information I have run across and comment on what is going on in the agricultural world.  Look for something fairly technical from time to time related to Agronomy and soils. 

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