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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Made it back

We went to the big city for my son's wedding this weekend, which was excitement enough.  I have tweeted Ag reports on the trip up there, so I will not add to it.  My reflection on travelling across Central and Northern Illinois is that there is no place like it that I have ever been from coast to coast.  The land mass of the most prime crop land in the world is incredible.  There are soils that are as productive in other places, but nowhere that I have been can crops be grown with less potential for soil erosion, and under such naturally fertile conditions.

We also went past the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences several times.  It is a tribute the value of food production in Illinois that big city students get the opportunity to prepare for agriculture related careers.  It has been some time since I have been there and I was surprised to see the amount of land that is used to grow one crop or another. 

Another exciting thing was that my Motorola Q had a dead battery.  The cost of  a battery and  anew phone were not all that far apart so I bought a new Blackberry Curve. 

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