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Friday, November 5, 2010

Conservation Farm

The farm I worked on today was a wonderful conservation farm.  Yes most farmers make some effort to be good stewards, but some do better than others.  This farm seemed to have every conservation practice in the NRCS Technical Guide.  Ib view in the picture are terraces in the foreground, and water and sediment control basins.  The pond is beautiful and well protected from sedimentation.  The alfalfa showing green on the right is in excellent condition.  Timber and pasture is in the far background.  All the land is farmed with No-till practices.  The field in the foreground is planted to wheat that could use a rain and a bit of warm weather.  This owner also has grassed waterways, Riparian buffers, constructed wetlands, and a timber harvest going on.  Everything is well kept.  It was really fun for an old NRCS guy to work this farm. 


0s0-Pa said...

Looks like a really nice area, especially the grassy part. Wish there was a close up of the pond to see how big it was.
-Jack @ Sediment Control

Dave Rahe said...

It must be 2 or 3 acres.