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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Most of the land I worked on Tuesday was corn stalks.  It was very rough.,  One cause of roughness was that some of the clods from spring were still there.  The clods did not seem to affect the stand.  Another roughness factor was that the corn was harvested when the ground was very wet.  I suspect that harvest was in Mid-September right after a big rain.  The third roughness factor was corn root balls.  Some of the corn had been pulled out by the roots.  It looked like maybe the rootworm resistance did not work.  There was lots of lodging and it was obvious some of the corn was too flattened to pick up.  The farmer blamed the brand.  I would lean toward blaming the variety to an extent.  I am also curious to know if there might have been a mini downburst or something like that. 

The good news is that he had at least 100 young steers to turn lose on the ground.  There is lots of feed out there for the steers. 

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