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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Guidance systems and controllers.

This may be my last blog till Sunday night.  Thanks for your patience and watch for Twitter updates anyway. 

I tried to help a customer get started with his new setup today to spread VRT.  It was kind of like the blind leading the blind.  I have seen several of these, but never really tried to use one.  They are not intuitive at least not to me.  They all seem to be a bit different.  In the end he had to call the vendor and get a little help.  He got it going with the vendor's help.  I am always concerned that the producer be able to use the files I furnish him.  So far, when they tell me what they need and I give that to them, my files have always worked. 

I am finding VRT prescriptions to be more work than I originally thought they would be.  In addition to the maps, I have to give them a materials spread sheet and spread maps.  I use Global Mapper to draw my maps, add the required attributes, and export them to shp files.  I use Arc Explorer to print out spread maps.  Some machinery requires an addition step to get information into their proprietary file.

The good news is that in the end with the high price of fertilizer,  We can save the producer a good bit  of money.  In addition, we seem to be helping the environment by keeping soil phosphorous levels down a bit. 

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