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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tiling at Greenfield

 I worked in a field that was having drain tile installed.  This was 12 inch tile to provide an outlet for an adjacent farm.  The tile helps to remove saturation from the soil  Those who think things are drying out should note that water was still running in an old clay tile.  I thought it was fortunate to be able to get these pictures while I was sampling.  The last 3 wet years have made more and more people realize the value of drainage tile.  It seems that as the harvest winds down, people are taking advantage of the relatively dry weather to improve their land.  This was one of several I saw today. 

Tiling Machine installing a 12 inch main

The depth of the tile is controlled by this laser

Old clay tile on the right will be connected to new plastic on the left.  Note that water is running in the clay tile.

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