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Friday, October 22, 2010

Made a circuit today

First stop was North of Carlinville.  Early harvested corn was rutted.  Soil Temperature at 9:45 was 50 degrees.  Stopped at a field west of Hettick and soil temperature was 50 degrees.  Then on to Greenfield.  Sampled 2 small fields.  I went south to Piasa and sampled some corn ground that was just harvested.  I saw a field of horseradish being harvested near Rockbridge.  Finished the day North of Shipman on a newly harvested soybean field.  Then back to Hillsboro.  I did not see any unharvested corn fields. I would have to say corn is 99% done, because I know there are some little corners yet to do.  Soybeans appear to be about 98% harvested.  Horseradish was just getting started.  I saw wheat out of the ground at Piasa.  It looked good.  Lots of fertilizer being applied, but dealers are showing restraint for the most part on nitrogen.  That is good. 

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